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As the owner of DanKat Industries, I can tell you that the industry we are involved in is still what I consider a very well defined, specific and demanding way of life and business. When I opened DanKat Industries and built this company from the floor up. I had expectations of myself, our Staff, the Contractors, Handymen, Mobile Home Communities, their Community Property Owner and Property Management Company. I purposely designed my building and business to suit all of those needs. I think we've done very well. In fact, I know we have. Our Contractor's speak loudly of that as they are the ones who can see the major differences in our way of conducting business, our inventory, our field knowledge versus other locations such as the big chain stores. Those of which are all too familiar to all of us and do not supply the specific products for our Mobile Home Industry. Thus the need for DanKat. Contractors know the difference and Contractors know DanKat. And so will you.


Since the very first day of DanKat Industries, I have opened my doors and my building to all, (not just some) of the Trailer/Mobile Home/Manufactured Home/Modular Industry. I wasn't going to exclude any person(s) from the opportunity to have a place just for them. This is a place for all. Some like that about DanKat and some don't. At least I'll admit it. When you come into DanKat you will see a very different way of running a business. The building is open to fully walk around and ask any questions the materials we stock in our building. Looking over the years I have owned this company and if I had to repeat the most over used phrase from the outside.....it would be. "I can't believe I finally found a place like this" "We've been looking forever to find a place like this." Okay, so that was two phrases. Same meaning.


Having been part of this industry since 1979, 1 year after Honorably Discharged and serving our Country in the United States Marine Corps, I have seen many, many changes. I feel it is part of my job to keep ahead of those changes and bring them to the forefront whether you are the Contractor, Public, or Community Owner. I'm not just here to bring materials in and watch them go out. I'm more expanded than that. Along those lines, has surfaced a sence of urgency for the homeowners who still own our nostalgic, older homes. A lot of those manufacturers and suppliers have gone out of business or have stopped manufacturing those materials. So, I have addressed that personally on my own level of urgency. When I get wind of some product becoming extinct, I buy those items up in bulk. I keep them in my building or I find alternate "acceptable" replacements for those items. Some of which can be fabricated but keep in mind fabrication can be costly. So if you are out there with an older, nostalgic home you may want to lose that safe sense of a product being still available when you need it to the point of getting it now. Fair warning? Yes. But also factual. Probably the most asked for item on the extinct list are the many types of siding that was once available. We have it in DanKat if there is any possible way of getting those products by all means available to us. That's my number 1 job here. That's why it is called a Mobile Home Supply Store. I don't use the word "Supply" lightly. It's not just a word. And we do accept, Debit/Visa/MC/AMEX in our building for your purchases.


Ray Trosper


Additionally, when I'm not concerning myself with the business of DanKat Industries, I proudly ride and continue to serve our Country with this organization for the families of our Fallen Active Duty Troops and Fallen Veterans.



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