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Keep in mind when you visit DanKat Industries, that when you are walking around, to be sure to look up/down/right/left/over/out/far and near as our displays are numerous and abundant.
Restrictions from the City of Ontario keeps us under 2,000 sq ft. of showroom with the rest being warehouse. So be sure and take your time inside the building to see all of our displays, including the separate showroom down the main hall. We are a relaxed atmosphere at DanKat which is evident by our kitchen table in the middle of our showroom. I put this idea in originally as a joke. The reason behind it was the fact that our own homes when we have guests come into our homes, a lot of the times people end up in the kitchen around the kitchen table. So..........Welcome to DanKat Industries and welcome to our Kitchen Table.

Ray Trosper

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WHO? Using A DanKat Licensed C-47 Contractor -------- Specific California License For Mobile Homes.
WHAT? Doing A Little Home Makeover -------- We Have The Makeover Materials In Our Building.
WHEN? Ready When You Are With DanKat's Showrooms, See All The Upgraded / New Materials.
WHERE? At DanKat -------- Meet With Your C-47 / General Contractor at DanKat
WHY? Our Building, Our Showroom, We Are Your Best Choice.
HOW? Simple. Come To DanKat Industries, We Have All The Materials -------- We Have Your New Look.